Tuesday, March 31, 2015

No-Name Route Gear List

Could I have made my gear lighter? Yes, I certainly could have. However, I do feel there is a certain amount of love and pride that goes into getting the most out of your gear, to taking extra care of gear that takes care of you. Some items, mainly my sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and my down MontBell jacket, I could have bought newer lighter items that would save me between .5-1lbs. My sleeping bag and down jacket are on their 3rd thru-hike. Also, I forsook a lighter tarp for the quality of Yama Mountain Gear. Besides, some gear and the people behind the gear represent a philosophy that I want to represent, like Yama Mountain Gear.

Below is my gear list for the No-Name Route, which consists of extreme environments. I decided on a typical 3-season gear list. I will be seared on desert flats one moment only to hit freezing temperatures at higher elevations within merely a half a day. For the beginning of the route I will carry extra water storage capacity because of the uncertainty of the flowing of desert and canyon springs, extreme drought in SoCal, and vast distances between re-supply stops and water sources.

Gear List
Shelter & Sleep System
ItemManufacturerModelWeight (oz)
TarpYama Mountain GearCustom Cirriform 1P Cuben9.4
Stuff SackYama Mountain GearCuben Fiber Stuff Sack0.3
Stakes (8)Gossamer GearTite-Lite2.6
Ground SheetGossamer GearPolycryo1.4
Sleeping PadGossamer GearNightLight (torso length)4.55
Sleeping BagMarmotPlasma 3024
Backpack, Food & Hydration
ItemManufacturerModelWeight (oz)
BackpackGossamer GearKumo (modified)13.1
Pack LinerTrash Compactor Bag1.5
Water BottlesSmartWater2 - 1L Bottles3
Water BladderPlatypus1 - 2L Flexible Water Bladder1.3
Water TreatmentBleachmini Dropper Bottle0.5
Water TabletsMSRAquatabs0.1
Stuff SackYama Mountain GearCuben Fiber Stuff Sack, L0.4
Food Dish & CupZiploc2-Cup Container1.5
Clothing in Backpack
ItemManufacturerModelWeight (oz)
JacketMontBellUL Down Jacket8.7
Wind JacketMontBellDynamo5.8
TightsArcteryxrunning tights5.1
Socks (1)-pairSmart Wool1/4 cushion2
Other Items in Backpack
ItemManufacturerModelWeight (oz)
Stuff SacksYama Mountain GearCuben Fiber Stuff Sack, 2 S0.4
First Aid Kit*1.3
Soap/ToothpasteDr. Bronner'smini Dropper Bottle0.5
HeadlampBlack DiamondIon1
Average Section, MapsVarious2
Phone and CoverAppleiPhone 64.8
Phone ChargerAppleiPhone 61.8
UmbrellaMontbellU.L. Trekking Umbrella5.5
ID, ATM card0.3
BASE WEIGHT (oz)105.05
BASE WEIGHT (lbs)6.56
Clothing Worn
ItemManufacturerModelWeight (oz)
Tank TopPearl Izumi2.9
UnderwearEx Oficio2.3
VisorPearl Izumi1.5
SocksSmart Wool1/4 cushion2
ShoesLa SportivaWildcat 3.028.8
Trekking PoleGossamer GearLT4S4.6
BASE WEIGHT (oz)53.5
BASE WEIGHT (lbs)3.52
**The gear below will be used during limited 'body hardening' and dry/hot periods
Occassional Gear
ItemManufacturerModelWeight (oz)
SunscreenBanana Boat 30spf0.3
LubeHammerSeat Saver0.3
Body PowderGold Bond1
Water BladderPlatypus3 - 2L Flexible Water Bladder3.9
Water ScooperSawyerHandmade0.3
Bug Repellant3
Wind PantsMontBellDynamo2.6
First Aid Kit Contents
ItemManufacturerModelWeight (oz)
Blister PreventionLuekotape0.3
Anti-diarrhealImmodium AD0.2
Antiseptic OintmentTecnu 2 - First Aid Gel0.2
AspirinCritical CarePowder Pack0.1
Safety Pin0.1


  1. Like your heart list Ryan! The critical care powder was something I never thought about.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot, Dan! I love my 'heart' very much. ;)